Agricultural Commodity Leader. Farmer. Small Business Owner. Conservative.
A proven and experienced leader, who is dedicated to be a strong voice for 3rd District in Congress

It is with a humble heart and enormous enthusiasm that I launched my campaign for congress from a farm in Pinetown, NC where I was born and raised in Beaufort County and continue to be actively involved in growing crops on the family farm.


Our country was founded as a republic, on a unique set of unalienable rights.  Among these that “Rights come from God, not government. That all men are created equal. Endowed by our creator and have the rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.


Many of the founding fathers were farmers themselves, including Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Madison. I find this inspiring today because centuries later agriculture is still an industry that shapes and builds strong leadership.  It requires perseverance, dedication, risk management, accountability, budgeting, marketing, hard work ethics and long hours.


I feel blessed that my more than 20-year career in agriculture and farming has helped to develop these same leadership qualities in my life. Now, it is time to take these skills to the House of Representatives in Washington DC and utilize them for the good of North Carolinians in the 3rd District.


I want the voters to be assured that I will dedicate myself to working on the full range of issues, needs and opportunities important in their daily lives.  Because no other industry is more challenged than agriculture, voters can be confident that I have the proven experience and success record to provide strong leadership and representation in achieving results.


We must elect a candidate who has already been fighting for us in congress.  A person ready to engage immediately. A person who will champion our needs. I am that person!


I am also very excited to announce that NC Agricultural Commissioner Steve Troxler given his official endorsement of my campaign in the primary. I am grateful for his friendship, advice and support. He validates my more than 20-year career of already fighting for us in Washington, DC.


On our campaign logo we chose to incorporate the image of a tractor. Not only because it is symbolic of my background in farming and agriculture, but because it is recognized as a hard-working machine. The same as I will be in the United States Congress.  In farming we understand that tractors are strong, dependable, capable, steady, reliable, energetic, and ready to get the job done.


These virtues capture what the voters can expect from me in congress.

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